Hi! My name is Francis, and I want to make your project sound unique! I'm a composer, sound designer, and music producer based in San Diego, CA. I love working on videos, games, and with bands, so if you need custom music, sound assets, or audio integration for your project, I'd love to hear from you.

Here are a few projects I'm proud to have been a part of:

Recent game I made with a friend in a week for a VR jam. I did all the sound design and music, and created a simple procedural audio system in C#. I also illustrated the scrolls and some of the environments!

This super cool Frazetta/Bakshi style animated feature film is a collection of bizarre and ultra-violent vignettes, one of which (entitled "The Road Of Straw") I had the distinct honor of scoring with a Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, and live percussion.

Ubisoft worked with us to create two songs using lyrics provided by Penny Aracade, and this is the one they published. What a fun result! I've been a fan of Penny Arcade since I was a kid, so this was a total dream-come-true.

I was involved in the arranging, rehearsals, and tracking for the recordings that became these stingers.

Part of a series of fandubs I made with GaiaTheorie, whose vision was to recreate performances of their favorite characters in shows and games by re-tracking the voiceover and recreating the style of sfx and ambience to match the portions where the original VO was not removed.

This was a really small retro-inspired VR project for a game jam, made in one weekend between me and a friend! I made the music and sound effects, wrote the story, and made the logo and the demon thing in the thumbnail/itch.io page. Try it out if you have a VR setup! It's pretty fun to slap the earth.

1970s rock inspired project. I wrote and arranged this song, played guitar, sang, and mixed this recording. Tracked live in studio, with minimal overdubs!

Original Soundtrack to a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, created weekly over the course of the module (new music cues and loops for each game session session).