Francis Roberts

My passion for music and sound as I remember it began when my parents took my older brother and I to a Blockbuster to rent a PlayStation and a copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. My brother would play it and then we'd leave the game on in the areas with our favorite music while we did other things (probably board games, which are still among my favorite types of media).

Years later, a friend introduced me to the guitar. She insisted that it was very easy to learn songs with the help of tabs on the internet. I foolishly believed her, and my confidence eventually led me to study with the composition department at UCSD, where their incredible faculty took me on a journey far from my comfort zone to explore all types of digital media, sound art, and experimental composition.

My first professional projects were done with a band I co-founded called The Dread Crew of Oddwood, with whom I had a chance to perform and record for all manner of projects and audiences, with our most notable appearances in Rocket League and in promotional materials for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Since then I've performed and recorded both as a solo artist and in more bands than I can keep track of, gaining a greater appreciation and interest in non-musical elements of audio work as I gained experience in them. 

These days, I spend most of my music time working with synthesizers and samplers to create robust musical worlds for film, games, live performance, and tabletop gaming, and focus most of my free time on playing and designing games, both for the computer and the tabletop. I always look forward to the next project and if you're reading this, I hope we can work together on something cool! 

Get to know me on YouTube:

Oh, and I've been involved with a bunch of recordings:

Selected works:

Maps of the Dragon's Neck OST (2023)

Before & After (2023)

Velen's Grave OST (2022)

One Trick Wizard OST (2022)

Beyond The Rusted Gate (2021)

The Spine of Night OST (2021)

Gröth OST (2021)

Limbs Like Lifeless Tools (2021)

Atop The Sorcerer's Tower (2021)

The Beginning Of Time (2021)

Story From Another Time (2020)

Under The Forgotten Village (2020)

Another Day (2020)

The Road to Raet Arako (2020)

Someone Else's Journey (2020)

Musical Instrument Death Interface (2019)

Guardian Beast Sleeps (2019)

Galaxy Galleon (2019)

After The Storm (2018)

As Astral Cauldron:

Astral Cauldron (2020)

Deserted Stronghold (2021)

Far Away (2021)

As part of Old Man Wizard:

Kill Your Servants Quietly (2021 - music & lyrics, Producer)

Blame It All On Sorcery (2018 - music & lyrics, Producer)

Unfavorable (2013 - music & lyrics)

As part of The Dread Crew of Oddwood:

Lawful Evil (2016 - some music & lyrics)

Heavy Mahogany (2012 - some music & lyrics, co-producer, mandolin, guitar)

Rocktopus (2010 - some music & lyrics, co-producer, mandolin)

Reign the Helm (2008 - some music & lyrics, mandolin)

Selected additional discography:

Cakebaker - Aurora Funeralis (2023 - mastering)

Cakebaker - Sepulchritude (2022 - mastering)

Chalk Portraits - Moment (2022 - mastering)

Chalk Portraits - Welcome Home (2022 - mastering)

Bow To Your Masters Volume Two: Deep Purple (2022)

Halm - The Fall Of Weirdblade (2021 - mastering)

King Gorm - King Gorm (2020 - music & lyrics, mixing)

Haunt - Triumph (2020 - sound design, mellotron)

Leather Nun america - Budda Knieval (2015 - some music & lyrics, producer)