Selected Works

A sprawling interactive soundtrack/generative ambience/tabletop gaming map I'm chipping away at as part of a fan project for my Forgotten Realms D&D city crawl. I built the project in Unity and scripted everything in C#. I'm especially proud of the music and generative ambience system I built for the "Murann" map. I'm building and maintaining this on my own, so hopefully you can forgive a few bugs ;)

Download it here (Windows only):

This super cool Frazetta/Bakshi style animated feature film is a collection of bizarre and ultra-violent vignettes, one of which (entitled "The Road Of Straw") I had the distinct honor of scoring with a Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, and live percussion. 

A turn-based strategy game I made with a friend in a week for a VR game jam. I did all the sound design, foley, and music, and created a simple procedural audio system in C#. I also illustrated the scrolls and some of the environments! Made with Unity.

Download it here (VR only):

Ubisoft worked with us (The Dread Crew of Oddwood) to create two songs using lyrics provided by Penny Arcade. What a fun result! I've been a fan of PA since I was a kid, so this was a total dream-come-true. 

Original Soundtrack to a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, created weekly over the course of the module (new music cues and loops for each game session session). I've since edited and incorporated the majority of this music into my interactive map's audio system (see above).

I was involved in the arranging, rehearsals, and tracking for the recordings of my old band, The Dread Crew of Oddwood, that became the music these stingers were sourced from. 

Part of a series of fandubs I made with GaiaTheorie, whose vision was to recreate performances of their favorite characters in shows and games by re-tracking the voiceover and recreating the style of sfx and ambience to match the portions where the original VO was not removed. 

This was a really small retro-inspired VR project for a game jam, made in one weekend between me and a friend! I made the music and sound effects, wrote the story, and made the logo demon creature. Try it out if you have a VR setup! It's pretty fun to slap the earth. Made with Unity.

1970s rock inspired project. I wrote and arranged this song, played guitar, sang, and mixed this recording. Tracked live in studio to tape, with minimal overdubs! Yep, that's me in the leotard ;D